Monday, March 31, 2014

March Made Me Feel Like A Salmon

Last February, I 'mourned' for the loss of my wallet in which some of my Japan memoirs were stored. Very unfortunate. I had in it the contacts of my Japanese coordinators, some souvenirs from places I've been like restaurants and train stations. My regrets that I didn't make a scrapbook which I think is more appropriate to keep in my memorabilia and alike stuff.

Sensoji Temple in Asakusa is the oldest buddhist
temple and most famous among tourists in Tokyo.
The primary reason why I'm still saddened about it until today is that I lost together with it the fortune paper that I got from Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, the most famous Buddhist temple in Tokyo. To describe, it looks like a modernized printed scroll, small in size which contains kanji and kana characters in traditional vertical way. On its latter part is where the brief English lines of my fortune is described. I cannot recall the exact and complete phrases, only few of it that told me precisely "you will find hope up in the sky" and "something long lost will be found."

The whole month of March is one enough proof for all its happenings, of turning that short Buddhist fortune forecast into my reality. I'd like to start it with the second line "something lost will be found" which I knew even before I got the temple's scroll has come true, has popped inside me, has crawled in my skin until I felt so true to say yes, I believe I have found it. I honestly believe it pertained to my long lost ambition, to my re-encounter, to my remarriage with my dream since I was little child - becoming a fine artist.

An art studio along a street in Ueno.
In the morning of March 19, 2013, we passed along the streets of Ueno on our way to Asakusa. I can say it has the prettiest streets of Tokyo (among all of where I've been). It is home of the famous Tokyo University of Arts (Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku), art studios and museums, cherry blossoms parks and pandas.

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