Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Lomo Perspective of Japan 2013 Gallery

This is my 2013 collection of analog-looking photos of Japan (taken digitally during my trip last spring 2013 in Tokyo and Tohoku Region) processed in the famous filters of Instagram, Kelvin & Hudson. I took each photo using my Canon point-and-shoot camera with lomography preset, achieving more green and blue hues and accenting vignette, then each was transferred to Instagram and instantly applied a more intriguing feel and visual appeal to the photographs. Subjects are mainly streets, places, people and culture.

The view of the highest tower in Japan, Tokyo Sky tree. I was on my way checking in to hotel.

Tokyo Dome Hotel. Very famous for its great architecture, I so dream of checking in this hotel for it offers amusement and different forms of leisure and entertainment.

Amusing to see a ferry's wheel from the streets.

A highway in Akihabara, center of Japan pop culture and anime.

Mitten and boots. I had to wear these because I see lots of snow from the window of the bullet train. 

Snowy mountains of Iwate prefecture, sort of what you see on ancient Japanese paintings.

Through the trees and melting snow.

Spring is coming up in Tohoku region.

Miyuki outside. These are the pretty houses of Hiraniwa village (Kuji City) in which we stayed in for a week.

Snow sleigh. One of the best activities I did on snow.

The pretty staff of Kuji Retro Hall restaurant posing the "kawaii" way with me and my anime northern fisherwoman friend.

Wide collection of retro toys in Kuji City.

At Morioka Station, waiting for the bullet train to arrive and I'm going back to Tokyo.

A Japanese lady waiting for train during in one of our stops.

One of my best authentic Japanese dinner. Fresh from the hotpot are delicious seafoods.

The complex yet excellent railway lines of Tokyo. I am going to Shibuya. What is its ticket code?

The very busy crossing of Shibuya. Tokyo's capital of fashion and pop culture.

I am waiting for the Yamanote train to arrive. I am going back from Shibuya to hotel in Iidabashi.

En route to the Asakusa temple. From this bridge we see the buds and blossoms of cherry trees on the other side.

The path not taken. This is an easier access/way of Asakusa shopping street (which was on the other left side). Along this are shops of exquisite kimonos.

This is an art gallery we passed along Ueno, home of famous art university and museums.

Afar, from the Asakusa bridge is the Tokyo Sky tree.

Tokyo streets are very ideal and friendly for bikers.

Streetview of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Common Japanese and tourists flocking at the Thunder Gate in Asakusa.

Whispering my little prayer at the Asakusa temple. There are many foreign tourists here.

These kawaii Japanese kids strolling around the Thunder gate have the same bright yellow shoes.

A view of Tokyo Bay.

My stroll buddy, Sarah-san. We are wearing those Kanji characters on our head - Shofuku, meaning "coming happiness."

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