Thursday, January 2, 2014

Champion Runner

January 2, 2014

I dreamed about.. finishing first on kind of a running-hiking challenge on my previous high school class. Second finisher to me was my childhood buddy who was also about compete with me to the district finals. Kinda weird and awkward. I also remember sitting beside some Korean classmates that I was cheering to their special run.

I dreamed about seeing one of my favorite high school teachers, and I was crying so hard to her when she had asked about how my college life turns out, and I so opened dramatically about it. HA-HA

I also dreamed about conducting some kind of a photography lesson to the sophomores of my college in a ruin-like building, and some soldiers outside that building have guns and they would kill us if we try to escape. That building was strategically designed to isolate people. Some good soldiers tried to save us from the bad soldiers (wearing black) but they failed.

Seems like my recent dreams are really pouring off all the bad residues of my past. But the fact that it's still in my subconscious... means something.

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