Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2nd Batch of LOMO 2013 Japan Photos (An Anniversary Post)

Remembering 3.11.11

Today, we remember 3.11.11, three years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami hit the northern Japan (Tohoku region, magnitude 9.1, center in Sanriku). It took away many lives, but beyond all of the devastation, we witnessed how the Japanese became one, bonding different regions of the country and even nations across the world in extending respective form of help.

We, Filipinos together with the Kizuna Batch 2 - Group 1 phrase the Japanese resilience over great tragedies in life and its fast and enormous rehabilitation efforts.

As our co-delegate, Mon Umali says
"In life, we experience disasters which come the least time and way we expect it. Some people go through devastating physical damages while others are left with traces in their hearts. Though some souls go, some spirits remain—brave and burning."

Dedicated to familes, victims and survivors of Tanohata Village and Kuji City