Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vapor Past

January 1, 2014

I dreamed about... and my cousins running away from something/someone in a rough and rocky river. We were hushing like our lives were too critical. We were swimming and climbing on rocks like we're in Hunger Games. There were really unexplainable entity, a dangerous Android (male robot) I guess, that was chasing us, and like we need to escape or hide from it.  He was kind of Android 17 in Dragon Balls. HA-HA-HA auhzumm

I also dreamed that I was in my elementary school classroom, and I was assigned to look over my classmates and to check some quizzes because our teacher had left. I was having trouble of speaking loud to the class that's why I decided to write the answers for the quiz on the board when one of my classmates (one of my closest friends in grade school) yelled at me and disrespected me. My blood easily rushed to my face and I couldn't help it that's why I yelled at her, too, telling that I was not doing anything wrong and that she deserves to be punished for disrespecting me. I couldn't remember the big issue but I could remember that I felt so attacked that I don't want to be dominated by her or lose the fight. When a teacher came to settle our argument, she asked my classmate about what happened but she couldn't speak that's why I took advantage of turning things to my side. Then the teacher decided to call for legal consultant to weigh things over. Then it came, and she talked about some lines from law/constitution or something, sort of regulations about disrespect. Then by hearing it, I said that a violation was committed by my classmate, and that I was clearly disrespected. In the end, I won the argument and I sort of felt glorified... WA-HA-HA

This right might be about my ego, and some issues of accuse and being predominated.

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