Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One Nihilism

Dear friends, 

Knew why we're flocking together. Knew why we're killing the same amount of time and emptiness. We have a magnetic attraction. WE'RE ALL HOLLOWS INSIDE. There is a BLACK HOLE inside of us revolving and growing slowly like the universe. We realize it 'cause we bear it. And hell cheers even to the meteors of the other space, we would rather not discuss. Think we could all fill it with liters of coffee or beer, gay to legit liquors, with French fries or cupcakes, with nimbuses of smoke, or even with the thin air we breathe in the same sanctuary where we do the transcending sit and stare. But we acknowledge we're doing bullshit stacking up a monster BLACK HOLE. We accept it, we're all HOLLOWS in our chest. Sometimes, I compare us to a used match - quarter dead and black. But I wanna try one day putting a live match back in its box. Thinking it's hella light up others too, and together make one collaborative fire. Think it's not bad, we just can't burn backwards. And we're not children of of god to worry our ass out; the floating ashes are our religion. We’ll be souls light and thin, and a fucked up gravity will take us to whatever galaxy we all long desired to be.

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